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The Class of 2021 gets students ready for midterm elections

Olafimihan Oshin, Staff Writer

September 28, 2018

Last night, the class of 2021 held the Active Voters event to encourage their class to vote in this November’s midterm class. The sophomore class were joined by city native, Eaan Logan of Baltimore Votes, a small organization ded...

Lives were lost on 9/11, lives change on 9/12

Firdausa Stover, Managing Editor

September 12, 2018

Tuesday marked the 17th anniversary of 9/11. But Sept. 12, 2001, was the day everything changed for Malik Nkosi, a Muslim American. Nkosi, a doctoral student studying history at Morgan State University, recalls he was in a...

President Wilson reminds students of the magic in education

Grace Moon, Staff Writer

September 10, 2018

Morgan State University held its annual Matriculation Convocation of the school year Thursday, September 6 at the Murphy Fine Arts Center.  This year’s convocation was no different President David Wilson was the keynote speaker for the event. He ...

MSU freshman: accepted, unsettled

Oyin Adedoyin, Staff Writer

September 6, 2018

Morgan State University accepted its second largest enrollment in Morgan State history leaving many students without beds to sleep in on campus. President Wilson announced via twitter that,"Morgan State has experienced a 20...

MSU students receive free amenities and big discounts

Diamond Durant, Campus News Editor

August 22, 2018

  As the 2018-2019 academic year kicks off, Morgan State University students know that every penny counts. Here are some free amenities and discounts that you could get with your bear card: 1. Counseling Center The...

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