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The Morgan State University Spokesman Newspaper staff is dedicated to producing a fact-based, creative, fun and professional online news publication for students, faculty and staff. We are looking for dedicated students to fill the following positions.

Copy Editor

Edits the layout of the newspaper before the Managing Editor and Editor in Chief. Works with the section editors and staff writers to correct fact checking, AP style, grammar and punctuation. Consults with the Managing Editor and EIC for updates on new story ideas, website ideas, etc.

Advertising Manager

The manager responsible for attaining new advertising clients and forwarding their contacts to: [email protected]. Local businesses, student organizations and campus departments have events and sales that the Advertising Manager finds out and proposes the Spokesman Advertising Rates to them to entice them to advertise with us. The additional revenue that the Advertising Manager has brought in during his/her tenure should be recorded on file (hard copy and computer file).

Section Editor

Responsible for contributing ideas to the entire staff for their assigned section.  They also maintain the content that goes in their respective section for both online and print.  It is also the section editor’s responsibility to edit every submission in their section and submit to the editors (Copy Editor, Managing Editor and Editor in Chief) by the specified deadline to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

Staff Writers

Responsible for attending meetings during the assigned meeting times and to contribute story ideas for all sections or to pick an assigned story for a particular section.  Staff writers are also responsible for going on site to report on the story. They conduct interviews at the event or for the particular story. Their articles include several quotes and the appropriate sources that support the facts or claims made in their articles.  As a staff writer, it is important to follow up with the section editor and submit stories for edits by the deadlines that have been assigned.

Social Media Editors

Responsible for working closely with both the EIC and managing editor in order to report via social media. From live updating on Periscope to following trends on Twitter, the social media editors will act as gatekeepers for The Spokesman.

Any interested parties should email us at [email protected]!

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