Season two wraps, what’s next for All American: Homecoming?

The season two finale of All American: Homecoming premiered on the CW this Monday.


All American: Homecoming

The season two finale of All American: Homecoming concluded with main character Simone Hick’s initiation into the fictional PKZ sorority.

Jordan D. Brown and Thalya Baptiste

Warning: Season 2 Finale Spoilers Ahead

Probate season, student government election season, and the second season of The CW’s All American: Homecoming all came to an end at Bringston University Monday night in the season finale. 

CW’s All American: Homecoming, a spinoff of CW’s All American, follows main character Simone Hicks, who concluded her freshman year at Bringston, a fictional HBCU in Atlanta, after a year of drama in her friend group, sorority life, and tennis journey. 

After five months of tuning in every Monday, the season concluded on March 27, marking the end of the school year for the Bringston Lions.  

The finale addressed situations viewers have been eagerly wondering about like Keisha’s battle with Dr. Pace, Simone and Cam’s journey into Greek life, and the love triangle between Lando, Simone, and Damon. 

After rediscovering her passion for dance in season one, Keisha auditioned for the university’s dance program and made it, only to find out the instructor is not the easiest to put up with. Throughout the season, Keisha pushed herself to a dangerous point both physically and mentally to meet the standards of her dance instructor, Dr. Pace. 

The situation came to an end after Keisha plotted to end Dr. Pace’s career at the dinner, celebrating her career by inviting her past students to speak to how she mistreated them throughout their time at Bringston. In the end, Keisha’s words finally break through to Dr. Pace and she retires to rediscover her love for dance. 

Throughout the season, the viewers have been keen to certain parts of HBCU culture, like Greek life. 

Viewers watched Simone and Cam the whole season go through the membership intake process and pledge their respective fraternity, KEK, and sorority, PQZ. The finale shows their probate and a step show between the two organizations.

Their journey, not just as members of their organizations, but as the only two characters to come from the prequel, All American, comes full circle in the finale. Cam and Simone have each other’s backs now in more ways than one. 

Simone’s choice between Lando and Damon remains unclear. Her love triangle between the two Bringston baseball players has gone back and forth all season with Lando and Simone going from friends with benefits to gaining feelings for each other and Damon confessing his love for Simone, and secretly hooking up one night. 

At the end of the episode, Simone is talking to someone and makes a choice, but the episode ends before the viewers get to see who she chose. 

The finale also placed some new questions into the audience’s heads. 

Bringston University President, Amara Patterson, and Coach Marcus were finally rekindling the HBCU love story they discovered while students at Bringston themselves. However, in the season finale, it was revealed to viewers that Coach Marcus, portrayed by Cory Hardrict, has a wife. 

Kelly Jenrette, who plays Amara, said, “I think the biggest thing for Amara is the broken trust because no matter what the reason is behind him being married and not telling her, whatever it is, you didn’t trust Amara enough to share this part of yourself.”

Damon, star baseball player played by Peyton Alex Smith, had a revelation that carried back to season one when he was curious about his adoption process as a baby. In the season one finale, he discovered his biological father was Jesse, JR’s father, making him and JR brothers.

Jesse’s affair with Damon’s mother and years of lying caused the two to butt heads for a majority of season two until he realized it was finally time to fix their relationship.

Damon realizes Jesse has made mistakes just as he has, and he would rather him not be judged for it through the eye of the media. 

As for JR, his health status was a big concern at the end of the finale. While writing at his desk, Sylvester Powell’s character, JR’s nose starts to bleed. This suggests that his aplastic anemia may be returning, which is ironic as he recently celebrated his remission anniversary in episode seven of this season.

Another character whose story viewers have been waiting on to expand is Nate. Nate, portrayed by Rhoyle Ivy King, is the CW’s first Black nonbinary character. Her unique experience at Bringston led her to run for the student government and in the finale Nate won the election as president. 

While some stories were wrapped nicely with a bow, others from the finale left viewers with questions that can only be answered in another season that has yet to be renewed.

Season Three?

As of Monday, All American: Homecoming has not been renewed for a third season, unlike its prequel All American which has already received a renewal for its sixth season.

All American: Homecoming is the only on mainstream television that portrays students at an HBCU. 

The show has retained a consistent viewership throughout the season with an average of 366,000 viewers each episode, however All American: Homecoming is underperforming compared to its first season.

Season one averaged 390,000 viewers in same day ratings, according to the Nielsen Company.

Co-showrunner Marqui Jackson told the Spokesman there has been no confirmation as to whether the show will be renewed for a third season. 

Jackson said, “Conversations are being had, but we won’t know until we know. So we’re just waiting to hear.”

Until news comes of a season renewal or show cancellation, viewers can watch the entire season two on Netflix starting April 11.