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About the Spokesman Newspaper

Founded in 1942, The Spokesman is the newspaper delivering coverage to Morgan State University’s campus of 8,000 students.
In 2012, The Spokesman shifted from print to digital to keep pace with a 24-hour news-cycle and deliver breaking news to the students, the faculty, the alumni and the surrounding “Morgan Mile” neighborhood residents who rely on its coverage. New stories are published a minimum of five times a week.
The Spokesman, run by students, is committed to fair and in-depth coverage of campus news, local news and national news, as well as sports, business, arts and technology.
The editor-in-chief is Jordan D. Brown (email: The managing editor is Trae Mitchell (
The faculty advisors are Milton Kent. Email: and Edward Robinson. Email:
The dean of Morgan’s School of Global Journalism and Communication is DeWayne Wickham. Email:


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Digital Newsroom

4905 Perring Parkway

Baltimore, MD 21214

School of Global Journalism & Communication

Room 107K


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About The MSU Spokesman