MSU’s Honors College lacks funds for students’

The Honors College department lacks scholarship funds due to the increased incoming freshman rate.


Jabray Franklin, Staff Writer


Morgan State University students that applied last January to join the Honors College with hopes of receiving a scholarship, will not – due to lack of funding allocated toward incoming freshman.

According to MSU president, David Wilson, the 2018-2019 academic school year has reached historic incoming rates with a twenty percent increase almost of 1,400 freshmen. 

“This year we weren’t able to have an answer for anyone coming in as continuing students because we didn’t have the funding,”said Debora Thomas, the administrative assistant in the Honors College department. 

Thomas further explained that the mission of the Honors College is to “recruit, retain, and graduate,” but continuing students did not return to MSU after not receiving scholarship funds. 

“If we don’t have any money, how [are we] going to give you a scholarship?,” Thomas added. 

Students that did not receive scholarship money for the year are now on a “Non-Scholarship Students (NSS)” status. 

The NSS status recognizes that students’ will remain apart of the college, but will not get the financial benefits associated with it. 

The MSU Spokesman will continue to provide updates over the course of this investigation.