Two fires occur back to back near Morgan’s campus


Firdausa Stover and Peggy Rooke

School bus caught on fire on Loch Raven Blvd

Two separate fires occurred in two different vehicles Thursday afternoon close to the Morgan State University campus. First, a van near the corner of Hillen Road and East Cold Spring Lane caught fire. Shortly thereafter, a fire started in a school bus right outside of the Northwood Appold United Methodist Church on Loch Raven Boulevard.

According to police, no children were in the school bus and no injuries have been reported. Both fires have been put out but there is no information as to what caused the incidents.

Officers are currently at the scene, redirecting traffic. Loch Raven Boulevard has been closed both north and southbound, and students living in Morganview will be forced to take a long re-route as the shortest way to the apartments is completely blocked until the situation is resolved. 

Van caught on fire at the corner of E Cold Spring Ln and Hillen Rd