Meet the Candidates: Charles A. Long

The MSU Spokesman

1-campaign-head-shot-197x283-72-dpiCharles A Long is the Republication candidate for Maryland‘s 3rd Congressional District.

“When I was going to college, my father told me to go to the military program, and even though I passed all the tests for the academy the board accepted another boy because his family donated more money to the program,” said Long in a recent interview.
That experience and others led Long to politics.

“So after I turned my main focus to political and decided when I run for Congress I won’t cheat anybody out of going to the military academy, “he said.

He also said he supports the legalization of marijuana.

“I want to fight the crime in cities,” he said. “The problem is the criminals get the marijuana, they sell it out on the streets and anybody can buy it. Even a 10 year old can buy it.”

Long said legalization would “take marijuana out of the dealer’s hands and streets, we would take a lot of their profits.” He added that it would reduce gun violence because dealers would not be making as much profit to buy guns as they do now.

Long plans to legalize marijuana in a step- by- step program. He plans to use a two-step program which would include reducing it to a level three drug to give medical professionals the chance to study it and understand better how different people react to marijuana use.