Neverdon Concedes in State’s Attorney Race

The MSU Spokesman

Russell A. Neverdon conceded defeat early in the evening after Marilyn Mosby’s landslide victory in the battle for State’s Attorney. As a write-in candidate with limited coffers ($5000), he faced serious obstacles. His Democratic opponent, Mosby, won 94 percent of the 104,077 votes cast.

Throughout the night he stated repeatedly that whatever the outcome of the race, the fight would not be over. “This is not the end, this is only my beginning,” Neverdon said in his concession speech. “I don’t have to deflate somebody to inflate myself.”

The Neverdon camp awaited Tuesday’s election results at Ikaros restaurant in Highlandtown where friends, family and supporters prayed together before forming a line for food and chatting about the race. The event was a small affair with approximately 20 people present.

Neverdon described himself throughout the campaign as an “advocate for the people” and focused on catering to the needs of Baltimoreans, including the “reorganization and restoring and rebuilding of the relationship with the community.”

He said that he strived to connect with residents by tackling the problems of police brutality, the over-incarceration of young black men, the education of the city’s children, and the safety of the people.

As the evening came to close, Neverdon took his loss in stride, ending his speech by saying, “I’m going to finish my food and have a celebratory drink…I’ll see you all on the battlefield.”