Morgan Plans Ahead to Prevent Housing Chaos

Penelope Blackwell

Morgan State University students better prepare for more housing issues in the future with Morgan’s popularity on the rise.

Last semester, Morgan experienced an increase in student enrollment that left them with an overflow of students without housing. Morgan was able to put students in temporary housing in a hotel nearby and supplied shuttles for the students to get to and from campus, but they would want to have to do that again.

Early notifications regarding students’ housing status is at the top of the list of improvements to be made.

“It would be an automated process, a student would just go off the housing website and log into the housing application website and they will be able to click on the waitlist, if they’re on it, and see what their status is,” said Kevin Banks, director of student activities.

Another main issue that housing experiences is upperclassmen waiting until the last minute to secure their housing for the next semester.

“As a result of us sending our information out early this year, we’re seeing an uptick in upperclassmen applications and that’s a good thing because they’re the last ones to plan accordingly,” said Banks. “The fact that we see more upperclassmen submit their housing information earlier, helps us to plan accordingly…”

Morgan has also secured more beds for Morgan students at Marble Hall Garden apartments to prepare for the increase of students on campus.

“We just finished meeting with Marble Hall Gardens to secure another 200 beds in apartments over there, which we think, based upon what we’re seeing in our enrollment numbers, we’re thinking that will help us with the additional students,” said Banks. “Right now, looks like our applications and confirmations are up compared to this time last year.”

Banks expects the increase in enrolment to continue due to the high demand of Morgan’s growing campus

“I do anticipate us having an uptick in numbers again based upon what the enrollment numbers are looking like,” said Banks. “Morgan’s popularity is gaining as we speak, and that’s a good thing to see the university growing like this. Down the line we are looking at building another residence hall on the campus and that’s going to probably look at the space at Thurgood Marshall.”

Morgan also be added off campus housing listings to the housing websites for students to also consider.

Thurgood would be turned into a high rise, similar to Blount Towers and Rawlings Residence Complex but different styled rooms, depending on the feedback that administration gets from students. This would also cause students in Thurgood to be temporarily relocated. Morgan will also most likely secure more rooms at Marble Hall.

According to Banks, moving towards what students want is the main thing.

Students will be able to see their housing status (if they are waitlisted) around July 1. The waitlist helps accepts students know that even though they are accepted, housing isn’t guaranteed.

“We just don’t want to have a repeat performance of the chaos that we experienced last year,” said Banks. “It’s not to say there won’t be any tensions because if you have to activate a waitlist, that creates some anxiety for people.”

The most important thing that returning bears can do to avoid a housing disaster like last year is fill out their housing applications before May 15.