A Tradition of Family Voting Continues for Morgan Student

The MSU Spokesman

Taylor Evans, a student at Morgan State University, voted today with her family once again. She has been going to the polls with her family since she was a young girl.

Voting in Evans’ family is something special to them. They take pride in voting as a family.

“I just got in to an argument with one of my co-workers earlier because they said they weren’t going to vote.” said Evans

Evans often chastises her friends when they say they aren’t going to vote. Evans and her family take pride in voting and exercise their right to vote every election.

“The family tradition is we all vote together.” said Debra Evans, Taylor’s mother. She has been taking Taylor to the polls ever since she was a young kid.

“It does not matter who you vote for, we all go together and vote!”, she added.

Now that Evans is 21 and has been able to vote for the past three years, she still goes to vote with her family.

“My parents and grandparents took me, and told me I should exercise my right vote, so I do the same with my children” said Debra Evans.

When asked if she would take her children with her to vote when she becomes a mother, Taylor quickly responded, “Yes, I was brought when I was younger”.

Taylor Evans feels that parents should take their children with them to go and vote. We all have the right to vote and we should exercise that right.

Taylor also said,” A family that votes together, stays together.” She lives by this quote and hopes to pass this tradition on down to her children in the future.