Top Super Bowl Contenders for 2013-2014

The MSU Spokesman

superbowl 2Preseason has been interesting to watch, but has been nothing but a tease. Football fans will fully bask in glory in just two weeks when regular season kicks off.  During the off-season many teams made big moves to be Super Bowl contenders, including quarterback drama in the New York Jets facilities, new running backs in Green Bay and New England picking up great tight ends to make up for the losses they’ve taken this summer. Check out these five teams that have stood out the most so far.

  1. 1. San Francisco 49ers The 49ers have the most solid team in the NFL. They now have a quarterback who has had the Super Bowl experience and is ready to compete with the top quarterbacks in the league. Last year, the team showed that they can play with anybody, and during the off-season they did nothing but add on to their solid roster. There is no doubt that they won’t finish on the top of their division.

  1. Denver Broncos Peyton Manning and his Broncos look to come at the top of their division again. They may not have produced as they should in the playoffs last season, but they come into this season as one of the most skilled teams in the NFL. Manning can make any team into a Super Bowl-caliber team, and that is exactly what he is doing.

  1. New England Patriots No surprise here, the Patriots are always said to be Super Bowl Contenders. With their rough off-season in Rob Gronkowski being injured and the organization releasing and Aaron Hernandez, many didn’t know what their future would hold. However, with the new tight ends they’ve brought to the squad, the team has been looking better than ever in preseason. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t win at least 12 games this season and make a run in the playoffs.

  1. Seattle Seahawks  Led by sophomore Russell Wilson, the Seahawks look to make a lot of noise this season.  Many have counted Seahawks out of the running because of the early hip injury sustained by Pecry Harvin, who was expected to play a key role in the Seahawks offense this season.  However, other than losing Harvin for the beginning of the season, this is a team that hasn’t really shown a real weakness yet-they have a solid squad this upcoming season, and their defense is ranked among the top 5 in the league. If Wilson is ready to lead this team to the next level, the Seahawks will be one of the toughest teams in the league.

  1. Atlanta Falcons   With Matt Ryan never winning a playoff game before last season, him and his Falcons took a lot of heat during last year’s postseason, but Ryan proved to the critics that he is ready to rise to the occasion by winning his first playoff game against the Seahawks in the 1st round. What this team has over others is that they have two outstanding receivers in Roddy White and Julio Jones, which makes them have the offensive edge over most teams.

All mentioned teams have made it to the playoffs last year and will most likely do it again.  If these teams stay healthy and away from injury, then one of them is bound to hold the next Super Bowl XLVIII champion title.