Baltimore mayoral candidate stops at MSU for Social Justice Forum

Tramon Lucas

As the Baltimore Mayoral race continues, Councilman Nick Mosby stopped at Morgan State University for a forum with students and in a partnership with MSU’s S.M.O.O.T.H. Inc., Mosby and a panel discussed social justice reform.

Paul Archibald, Ph.D., joined the panel of distinguished Morgan students to discuss a range of topics, from the direction of hip-hop to the importance of voting.

Mosby challenged the panel and those in attendance to push themselves and the people in their community to make better decisions.

“As a people, we are underutilizing our ability to make a change,” said Mosby.

The panel and audience shared their thoughts on the importance of social reform in America and beyond, and effective means of achieving it.

Discussed were the challenges of communities facing social injustice, due to naivety, lack of effort or lack of will. Archibald discussed the importance of coming together to fight for a cause and strength in numbers.

“If all of you came together for anything, it might take a few weeks, but you would get it,” said Archibald.

Mosby added to that idea, bringing up the issue of the black University of Missouri football players that forced change by threatening to sit out of football games last year.

Photo of the Social justice Forum, with the brothers of S.M.O.O.T.H. Inc., and Councilman Nick Mosby
Photo of the Social justice Forum, with the brothers of S.M.O.O.T.H. Inc., and Councilman Nick Mosby, photo by Maliik Obee.

Once the floor opened for questions and comments, students in the audience shared their troubled experiences in their communities and outlooks on how to go about making a difference.

However the conversation got heated when the topic of “trap music vs conscious rap” was brought up, as students argued who was to blame for the state of hip-hop.

As a volunteer for the Mosby campaign registered students to vote, Mosby discussed the importance of voting for more than just the presidency of the United States.

Mosby proceeded to give students information on the registration and voting process, as well as info on future debates.

Mosby will be returning to Morgan Thursday, Mar. 10 for the Baltimore Mayoral Debate at 7 p.m. in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center.