MSU Students Join the Political Process

The MSU Spokesman

Last week, sororities set up tables in Morgan State’s student center to encourage everyone to vote in today’s election.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority registered 14 voters last week. Thirteen of those people are voting for the first time.

“People always say ‘go rock the vote, go out and vote’ and now when you’re at this age where you should vote, people don’t take that advantage and I’m glad I could be one of those people who actually took advantage [and] used my right to vote,” said Omotayo Ogundele, a junior at Morgan.

Several students referred to the website, Rock the Vote, to get the most information about where and why they were voting in the midterm elections.

Rock the Vote is a non-profit organization to motivate first-time voters to participate in voting by combining technology, politics and pop culture.

“Rock the Vote helped me so much with finding my polling place and what political positions I will be voting for,” said Gabriel Gaines, a Morgan sophomore. “I would definitely recommend this website to anyone [that is] a part of the youth community or even just a first time voter.”

Many Morgan students are registered Democrats, so the party’s candidates were popular among first time and returning voters.

“I am a political science major, I felt obligated to vote but at the same time it’s something that interests me,” said Joy Griffin, a Morgan sophomore. “I don’t want us to have a bad governor, and I stand behind Anthony Brown. I was very proud to vote. I felt like my voice was being heard and I made a difference.”

Few first-time voters participated in early voting and preferred to wait until today to vote. When asked why they waited until the day of the election to vote, the majority of students replied, “To feel involved and get the most out of the experience.”