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Question of the Week- What would you like to see change on Morgan’s Campus?

Tramon Lucas

March 12, 2016

As the Student Government Association campaign season came to a close earlier this week, MSU students got the opportunity to voice their opinions on what they would like to see change on campus under the new administration in...

Morgan State police vote “no confidence” on MSUPD chief

Tramon Lucas

February 29, 2016

The labor union that represents campus police officers has taken a vote of no confidence in Chief Lance Hatcher, alleging that his management style has fostered “an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation, and unethical behavior.” In...

Residents react to new Morgan View policies

Tramon Lucas

February 19, 2016

Morgan View residents are outraged by new security policies that the staff introduced after the fatal stabbing of Gerald Williams earlier this month. According to a Morgan View newsletter, the security enhancements included...

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