MSU football and men’s cross-country teams recieve postseason ban

MSU football and mens cross-country teams recieve postseason ban

Tramon Lucas

The Morgan State University football and men’s cross-country teams have been banned from postseason play after failing to reach NCAA standards during the 2014-2015 school year.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the football team posted an Academic Progress Rate score of 829 during that year, which is 101 points less than the minimum requirement. The year before, their score was 929.

The APR was created in 2003 to make schools “accountable for the academic progress of their student athletes through a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete for each academic term,” stated on the NCAA’s website.

Along with the postseason ban, the football team received Level Two APR penalties, losing in-season practice hours and spring practice sessions.

The men’s cross-country team earned an APR score of 914 according to the APR release website. They will also receive Level One penalties, which limits in-season practice time but does not affect events outside of the season.

While managing to avoid a postseason ban, the men’s basketball team will face Level One APR penalties as well after posting a score of 871 for the year.

The Spokesman will have more details as the story develops.