Finding a balance as a working Morganite

Tramon Lucas

Stress is something all college students know and it isn’t any different for students at Morgan State University. Aside from schoolwork, students usually have jobs or extracurricular activities, but with the pressures of maintaining grades and studying for exams, these students somehow find a balance.

 Sophomore Maya Carpenter majors in English and works as tutor here at MSU, tutoring in three subjects english, humanities, and history.

 Carpenter balances tutoring and schoolwork by prioritizing and managing her time. Even though she misses out on events with her friends she doesn’t mind because she finds her job rewarding.

 “I really like helping people,” said Carpenter. “I think that’s part of the job, you have to like it or you really will quit.”

 Carpenter decided to get a job because being able to support herself “in some ways”, is super important to her.

 Carpenter relieves the stress of working and going to school by hanging out with friends on the weekends and watching Netflix.

Another MSU student is having a stressful school year herself working but is also a graduating senior.

 Jessica Jefferson, 22, is a commuter student from Prince George’s County. Jefferson works at Sam’s Club at various positions. Jefferson finds working while in school to be maturing but also stressful.

“I feel like it’s a part of growing up, in a sense. You have to be able to balance a bunch of different things and still try to give focus to all of them at the same time,” said Jefferson. “But it is very stressful because just with graduation, there are certain things to have to get to even say ‘oh I’m going to be graduating.’”

Jefferson says her activities are what help her handle her stress.

“Band helps, so like an activity, and playing piano is calming, twirling my flag is calming, and I like boxed wine,” said Jefferson.

Sophomore Ayodeji Wemida is an international student from Nigeria that tutors math here at MSU and it’s easy for him to balance work and school.

“I basically tutor what I’m doing,” said Wemida. “When nobody comes for tutoring I do my schoolwork.”

 Wemida likes to unwind from school and work by sleeping.

 With the stress of it all, money appears to be the motive for these working students.