Governor Martin O’Malley delivers a warm message to Morgan


The MSU Spokesman

Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley recognizes Morgan as an outstanding institution. During his speech at the 145th Founders Day Convocation on November 8th 2012, Omalley said how Morgan State University can strive if the student body would stick together. He spoke amongst an audience of hundreds being students or alumni and gave a heartfelt message about what will strengthen the University. He also acknowledged what strengths the University already has.

“The hands that built this university were black and white hands…they were hands of freedom, hands of bondage” he said during his speech. O’Malley put emphasis on the phases the university went through from its founding in 1867, to the present year of 2012, and said that the school has come far and we should be proud of the accomplishments made thus far. One example he gave was that Morgan ranked number one in the state of Maryland for degrees earned by African Americans and Latina women. He also said that Maryland schools in general are number one in affordable college tuition rates in America. Over the past year, Maryland had a 0 percent increase in college in-state tuition.

To add on to the list of honors during the convocation, President Wilson chimed in to recognize the “Outstanding Alumni” of Morgan State University. The twelve students included those of the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs from several departments, one of which is the school of Engineering, ranked in the top five engineering programs according to Forbes Magazine. Each student received an award as part of the annual ritual and once again got a heart to heart speech this time from President Wilson.  As he boasted on how honored he is to be the leader of such a “wonderful institution” Gov. O’Malley joined him as they both aimed to encourage  current students to strive in hopes of one day  being recognized as “outstanding.”  After a final selection from the choir, Gov. O’Malley ended the ceremony with a message from his heart on behalf of the Morgan community, “We believe in Morgan, and we believe in all of you.”