Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry Continues Making Music Long After Morgan

The MSU Spokesman

Brandon "B-Ezzy" Perry in the studio recording his song.
Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry in the studio recording his song.

You may remember Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry from the 2009 campus hit “Morgan Girl.” But since then, rap music has played a bigger role in the artist’s life than just school entertainment and fun.

After leaving Morgan, Perry experienced a lot of family and financial problems.  Trying to rap, and be a full-time student was hard, so Perry went with this heart and followed his dreams of becoming a rapper.  “I realized what I wanted to do in 2009 after my hoop dreams were derailed,” says Perry.  “I always rapped for fun but once ‘Morgan Girl’ took off, it was something I knew I could do.”

Perry released his first mixtape “Addicted To The Game” in 2009, and felt it proved he was capable of putting together a good quality mixtape. “Plus I was able to collaborate with a legend [Project Pat] on my first go round so I thought it was special,” he says.

Perry is inspired by rapper Meek Mill, whom he says is the most relatable to him.  “I’ve been at the bottom before,” Perry says.  “I’ve had a lot of fake friends and snakes in my life. I’ve had life hit me hard to where I was living out of my car at one time. He makes people like me believe that our dreams can come true. I am a dream chaser.”

Although Meek Mill has inspired him musically, his mother is his role model. Perry has watched her go through many changes in her life and she is still standing strong. “I think that’s where I got my strength from,” he explains.  “Without my mother I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. She keeps me going and always challenges me to strive for more.”

Perry has learned that in the professional realm of music, business comes first. He believes that the artists who are able to stay on top of their business last the longest; not necessarily those who make the best music. “Music itself is the easiest part of the business.”

Perry’s upcoming project is his EP “The Secret,” hosted by popular mixtape DJ’s Trapaholics & DJ Smallz. The first single, “Jamar Board,” is dedicated to his close friend. Board is known as a street basketball legend who once scored 75 points in a Goodman Coalition League game.

In five years, Perry sees himself at the very top of the rap game, achieving success as the owner of his own label and business.  Perry notes that those who “grind more and sleep less are the best artists nine times out of ten.”  His advice to upcoming rappers and students is to put God first in all their aspirations and to work harder than the next person.  “Never give up on your dream because of what people may say,” says Perry. “You know what you want, now go get it!”