A Look Back at Violent Occurrences Surrounding Morgan State University

Penelope Blackwell

On April 2, reports of gunshots at Morgan View apartments sent out a wave of reminders of the complex’s history of crime incidents.

Morgan View, an off-campus housing complex, shelters almost 800 Morgan State students. The facility has a history of crimes over the last couple of years, ranging from armed robbery to fatal stabbings.

According to an e-mail blast by Morgan State Police, there have been 11 reported robberies in the past two years. That’s almost an average of an armed robbery every two months.

This does not include the incidents that do not involve robbery like the brandishing of weapons or more recently on March 26, a female Morgan State student was almost grabbed from the window of a maroon mini-van while walking through the Northwood shopping center.

In 2016, Morgan lost two students to the violence that surrounds the university. Marcus Edwards, a political science major, was fatally stabbed on the night of September 19 and earlier that same year, Gerald Williams, a multiplatform production major, was stabbed to death on the grounds of Morgan View after a basketball game.

With reoccurring instances of violence surrounding the campus, Morgan State implemented several security measures over the years including blue security booths located alongside Hillen Road, added security guards around campus and a security booth at the gates of Morgan View.