Students Make Suggestions to Improve Security

Penelope Blackwell

As a result of the shooting that took place last Monday at Morgan View, one of Morgan State University’s (MSU) off-campus housing facilities, many students and faculty are questioning the safety and security of campus dorms and buildings.

“I feel like they are safe. I feel like we have protocols in place to deter whatever happens. I feel like it’s safe across campus, residence halls are pretty safe,” said James Berkeley the DA at Harper Tubman.

Many students believe that they are safe on campus, but they do have suggestions that would help them feel a little more comfortable while going about their daily routines.

Bria Hill, a junior at Morgan said, “I feel as though on campus we do have a lot of safety regulations that prevent situations from happening. I don’t really feel like my safety is at risk here at Morgan. I do feel as though more things can be done to enhance security and make students feel even more safe, like more lighting at night, especially in the O’Connell area”.

“It would be cool to have an officer at every building,” she added.

MSU has an open campus policy. Meaning, the university welcomes the campus community and the general public to come and go as they please from the property.

“We should come up with another way to let students in the building who lost their bear card. Attendants at the front desk do not know who lives here and that allows students who don’t live here to sneak in,” suggested, sophomore, Gabrielle Scott.