National Psychology Tour Starts at Morgan

Penelope Blackwell

The “I Am Psyched!” national tour is making its first stop at the Jenkins Hall, Behavioral and Social Sciences Center at Morgan State University.

Dr. Jocelyn Turner-Musa, associate professor and interim chairperson of the department of psychology, along with Dr. Shari Miles-Cohenm, Dr. Alexandra Rutherford and Dr. Cathy Faye, helped bring the “I Am Psyched!” national tour to Morgan.

The purpose of the tour is to introduce the contributions of women of color the psychological field. The Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, Psychology’s Feminist Voices, and APA’s Women’s Program are all in partnership with making this exhibit happen. This tour was made possible by the American Psychological Association.

“One of the things was to take the tour on the road. To have people interact with the media available, using QR code being one of the way to interact,” said Dr. Turner-Musa.

The general public is welcome to participate and engage in the I am Psyched! Exhibit. Local high students will also be able to attend the tour and be able to learn and have an interactive experience with the exhibits.

“There are individuals such as Mary P. Clator, the first woman to be a chair of the Psychology department here at Morgan. In the past, women of color have endured a lot making discoveries in psychology,” said Dr. Turner-Musa.

“Firstly, I want people to know that women of color have made a significant contribution within the field of psychology. Secondly, that psychology is indeed a science, it’s constantly overlooked as such. And lastly, that psychology is a viable discipline and that is a growing profession within the STEM field.  A good amount of people believe that an individual will not be successful in psychology,” said Dr. Turner-Musa.

The tour will be from Feb. 20 until Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.