Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

Benjamin McKnight

For those who are fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious would be one of the most perfect films to see this year.

Even though it is the first movie since the tragic loss of Paul Walker, the film still manages to drive on without him. Walker is greatly missed and he is mentioned throughout the movie, but the team faces a much bigger priority that is even greater than them.

In this year’s latest installment of The Fast of the Furious franchise, professional street racer Dominic Tourette (Diesel) turns his back on family, a major twist considering how it is the one thing he values the most. His actions have put his former team in a predicament where they must reach out to familiar friends and foes, including actor, Jason Statham, to stop him. By the end of the film, though, viewers may find Diesel’s actions justified.

Fan favorites Michelle Rodriguez, Letty Ortiz, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Luke Hobbs, Tyrese Gibson, Roman Pearce, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tej Parker, return in their roles to face the new threat of Cipher, played by Charlize Theron.

Cipher’s ways to reach them are cutthroat and sinister, which is the epitome of what an antagonist should be in an action film. Not to mention, she is a cyber terrorist and extremely technologically savvy. Seeing as the film takes us from Germany to New York City and finally Russia, many would realize that Cipher’s goals aren’t really based on world destruction.

A common theme that was noticed in the film was choice. The Fate of the Furious may leave viewers with the impression that their options in a difficult decision are very scarce but one of the choices presented will surely be the right one.

For the casual moviegoer, this film is a great one to catch in theaters. Filled with excellent coordinated action sequences, great slow motion use, mind-blowing special effects that leaves viewers in awe and the usual comic relief, provided by Roman. One could say that the price of admission is worth it.

The Fate of the Furious drops in theaters today on April 14th. The film does a great job with tying up loose ends and setting up the atmosphere for the next film, which is scheduled to release in April 2019.