The Race for Miss Sophomore

The MSU Spokesman


On February 28th, SGA candidates delivered speeches to assure students they were the right fit for their class. In case you missed

the Miss Sophomore speeches and still want to know what the candidates hope to achieve here is an overview of their platform.

Aziza-Asake Hunter

Name: Aziza-Isake’ Hunter

Major: Biology

Home State: New York

Platform: U.N.I.T.E

“I want to be your next Miss. Sophomore because I want to U.N.I.T.E the class of 2016 and positively impact Morgan State University and the surrounding community. U.N.I.T.E is an acronym that stands for Uplift, Nurture, Inspire, Transform and Encourage. I believe that in order for us to become successful, we must work together to assist each other in attaining our goals. We must also inspire each other to always strive for greatness and to always be the best person you can be. If we begin to uplift, nurture, inspire, transform and encourage each other we will be able to positively affect Morgan State University and the surrounding community. A change is here and the time is now-Vote Aziza-Isake’ Hunter as your next Miss. Sophomore!”

jillian curry

Name: Jillian Curry

Major: Elementary Education

Home State: New Jersey

Platform: “Sow The Seed”

“I am standing firm on the platform “Sow the Seed.”As freshmen it is so important that we become the gardeners of our own destiny. Only you can determine where you will be in ten years. Your success and growth is all up to you! In order for something to grow and have the outcome that you want, you must tend to and nurture your dream. When it comes to explaining what I love about Morgan, there is no answer great enough that can explain my love for this university. I love Morgan for everything that it is both good and bad. This university has contributed so much to my growth as a woman and as a leader. I am forever grateful for all that Morgan State University has done for me.”