Mr. Morgan receives backlash for ‘All Lives Matter’ comments

Benjamin McKnight

Morgan State University student leader, Mr. Morgan Andrew Mitchell, has received serious backlash following his Instagram post, expressing his views on “All Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.”

On Thursday evening, Morgan students took to social media when a picture of Mitchell wearing a shirt that said “All Lives Matter” began circulating through Twitter. With it, Mitchell added the following caption;

– “Black lives won’t matter until they matter to us as black people. ‘All Lives Matter’ is this statement not true? How about we stop being ignorant and start thinking for ourselves. Let’s not be stuck on what to think but rather how to think. Let’s all be color blind and find solutions. Signed – Mr. Morgan the 28th.”

Andrew Mitchell, Mr. Morgan, expressing his views on All Lives Matter and Black Lives Mather. Courtesy of Mr. Morgan's Instagram.
Andrew Mitchell, Mr. Morgan, expressing his views on All Lives Matter and Black Lives Mather. Courtesy of Mr. Morgan’s Instagram.


The original picture was posted on Monday when Mitchell wore the shirt. Since Thursday night, though, the reaction from students and alumni alike has been vast and numerous. The number of likes on his Instagram post have multiplied, while comments have ranged from support – including the emergence of a #WeStandWithMrMorgan hashtag – as well as demands for impeachment.

While Mitchell declined to comment to The Spokesman regarding his post, he sent a statement to the student body about the reaction on and off-campus in a campus-wide email, Friday evening.

“It is my understanding that my statement might have offended people, which I apologize, as it was not my intent,” said Mitchell. “My statement was to start the conversation regarding my event on Monday, Oct. 24 called Extinct Black Brother.”

This incident comes not long after Morgan displayed on the various electronic signs on campus, “Welcome to Morgan State University, where Black lives have always mattered!” In the two years since the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the subsequent explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement to the forefront of national talks, many discussions have been had in regards to Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter.

“I am a new student leader adjusting to my position as Mr. Morgan working diligently to uphold the core values of Morgan State University, which include diversity,” said Mitchell.