SGJC bids farewell to Beloved Advisor


Tramon Lucas

The School of Global Journalism and Communications at Morgan State University bids farewell to Academic & Career Advising coordinator, Victoria Valentine.

Valentine’s been an academic advisor at MSU for four years and will now be returning to a television production company that will be producing a show for BET. She’s been working on this process of getting this job since July and she is excited to start.

“Television is my passion and I’m excited to get back to what I love,” said Valentine.

Valentine resigned, making Tuesday her last day. Freshmen are automatically assigned to Ardyn Barton for academic advising; juniors and sophomores must see their assigned advisors, while graduating seniors report to the chair of their department for advising.

“I think what’s going to happen is the chairs are going to get together to figure out how we are going to divide the responsibility for the students in our departments,” said Jackie Jones, Multimedia Journalism department chair.

Along with leaving a workload behind she is also leaving her mark on the people she has spent the past few years with.

“I certainly appreciated everything Ms. Valentine did which made the load lighter for me, but I understand it has to be done and it’s the nature of what we do,” said Jones. “Ms. Valentine has been a wonderful asset to this school, I love her big laugh and her sense of humor.”

At the moment there are no prospects on who will fill the position that Valentine is leaving behind.

“[Her departure] came as relatively short notice, we got two weeks notice, and it’s going to take a lot longer than that to replace Ms. Valentine. We’re actively looking and trying to find someone,” said SGJC Dean DeWayne Wickham. “I just don’t know how we can recover from her loss. Hopefully [we can replace her] but probably not.”

Valentine announced her resignation to SGJC students in a mass email on Thursday, Sept. 24 but she did not give a true goodbye to her students who she’s worked with in her time in SGJC.

Valentine wanted to leave her students with the following quote:

“Succeed in life, go above and beyond. Don’t just be good at your job and what you do; be excellent. Aim high and do well, and be nice.”