Morgan Votes: MSU Student Mood Mirrors Apathy of General Populace

The MSU Spokesman

Morganites voted with the rest of the country in the midterm elections today.

The atmosphere of campus did not emit the same excitement as the 2012 general elections. Despite the apparent lack of interest, students attempted to mobilize others to engage in the political process.

Zaire Singleton, a senior in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, said that in addition to registering voters her organization provided students with basic information. She said that the people who registered likely voted because they were “proactive” by posting on Instagram and made personal phone calls.

“I wouldn’t say that [the turn out] was as strong as the primary election,’ said Singleton. “We can make sure that the percentage raises next year.”

Getachew Metaferia, a professor of political science, said that young people provide a pivotal part in democracy.

“Here at political science,” said Metaferia, “we believe it is their civic responsibility and as future leaders of the country so they have to participate in the process of voting.”

“There is voter’s apathy where one individual says ‘my one vote doesn’t make any difference’ but they have to overcome that,” said Metaferia. “They have a stake in the future of the country so that is very important. They have to participate.”

“I would have like to see more people more enthused to vote during this election,” Singleton said.