I.M.E Fashion Show Comes to Morgan

The MSU Spokesman

2014-05-02 15.45.21The Iconic Modeling Agency held their first fashion show at Morgan State University. The fashion show was meant to highlight iconic moments in pop culture. The show was hosted by former Mr. Morgan State University Kaddeem Myrie.

One designer led by showing off black dresses, male suspenders, jackets and men shirts to represent the styles of Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé Knowles.

Later, female models danced to a medley of Beyonce songs highlighting her Superbowl performance with Destiny’s Child. “We had a lot of ideas combine to entertain our guest considering it was our first show, it seemed to be very entertaining,” said Lovette Carter, treasurer of the agency. “I had fun. Our models put in a lot of work”

The second designer showcased various club dresses and other dresses with tribal designs on them.  Swimsuits and lingerie were added to show off the sexy side of fashion in America. A few male models even danced during their walks on the stage.

“A lot of hard work was put into the show. It was one of the most creative fashion shows Morgan has ever seen. As founder I am extremely proud of models and Executive Board Members…Expect even Bigger and Better things from us,” said Adonis Bernard.

Later in the show, the models all stood in a horizontal line holding hands. The audience was confused about why. Later, organizers explained that the segment of the show was a tribute to Trayvon Martin.

The clothing line featured in this segment of the fashion show was the I.A.M.B.K. line which stands for  “I Am My Brother’s Keeper.” Summer garments were the dominant force in the fashion as more t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and beyond were shown across the runway.

“I styled models for the Allure E Paris clothing line: Female Models of I.M.E Agency wore corsets that were handmade by the designer who is Erica Allure. Erica Allure is my sister,” said Angel Kyler, stylist for the show also graduating senior at Morgan State University. While her sister was out of town, Kyler represented the brand at Morgan. “The models were very professional. They came to me and respected my role as a stylist.”