Wrongfully Disqualified?

The MSU Spokesman

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Around 11:50a.m., last Thursday morning, Miss. Morgan candidate Isatu Conteh was disqualified from the Miss Morgan State University race, for allegedly hosting a “social event” the previous week.

The voting period ended at 12:00p.m., 10 minutes before voting ended, and the results were shared and posted outside the SGA office a few minutes before 2:00p.m. The results for the Miss. Morgan race were the most anticipated scores that went up.

Shannon Thomas had a total score of 253 and Jasmine Garrett won with the total of 335. The total score of Isatu Conteh was not released because she was disqualified prior to the closing of votes.

The evidence that was presented to the Elections Committee was an Instagram post that was posted by Conteh’s campaign team which read “Come meet the U tonight behind Blount and Rawlings @ 9:00”

According to the rules for campaigning Candidates are not allowed to sponsor events or programs (talent shows, cafeteria clean-up, socials, parties, etc.) on campus but may requisition a table in the Student Center between the hours of 11am – 2pm, Monday- Friday.

With her knowledge of the rules, Conteh brought her concerns to the SGA President, Alvin Hill, who directed her to the SGA Chief Justice to appeal the decision of being disqualified.

Her appeal was approved on March 14, 2014, and there will be a court hearing this Thursday, March 20th between Conteh and the Elections and Training Committee.

“I want to bring change along with progression that will be remembered years from now. Even if I don’t win, I want justice to be served,” Conteh expressed.

Now we are awaiting the verdict of the court to maintain the decision to disqualify Conteh or to overrule it. Although this case has been brought to the public it is being done in a private setting.