Thinking of a Master Plan: Morgan State Master Plan Meeting

The MSU Spokesman

master plan

Morgan States University held its 10 Year Master Plan meeting Tuesday, February 25th to talk about the future of Morgan’s landscape and what it meant for faculty, students, and the community.

The plan calls for several demolitions and repurposing, including demolishing the old Jenkins building and O’Connor hall. It also calls for some new additions, including a new business incubator and the development of living-and-learning communities.

“I like the ten year plan because it implies that we’ll have a fresh start with some of these older buildings. That’s something I would love to see at Morgan. Newer buildings at Morgan, such as the Earl S. Richardson building, give the campus a fresher feel.” said Shanice Carter, who is a freshman at Morgan State.

There were also several issues discussed, from the new development in Northwood Shopping Center, to the apparent disconnect with the new planning committee and the new school of Architecture and Planning in CBEIS.

Another well-received part of the plan was for the placement of food options on North Campus near the new CBEIS and Engineering building.

“I feel like it would be very helpful for students in the majors of Architecture and Engineering for a number of reasons. They can be very late for class, so it would be perfect.” said junior Gloria Merrit.

There was also debate about the future of the childcare program here at Morgan State. Not included in the master plan, concern was had over the non-traditional students who have children during school. While there may be potential to include the program, funding and state-set standards could

Many decisions are being made as this plan is put into action.

To find out more about Morgan’s 10-year master plan, click the link below: