Student Government Shutdown: Vice President Staton Clears Up Rumors

The MSU Spokesman

“It’s not a shutdown, that’s just the perception around campus.” said SGA Vice President Rashad Staton.

A sign was posted on the door of the SGA office about closing the office and putting a hold on campus events. The misinterpretation of the letter made room for rumors of the SGA shutting down.

This happened as a result of violating constitutional bound duties and set expectation from elected officials. Each official has an allotment for the class they represent, but wasn’t reached.

Writing proficiency, credit validation, graduation application and senior composition exams for example, are all the necessary mandates each class should fulfill.

Staton says, “It takes drastic measures to receive drastic results, it takes extraordinary people to make extraordinary decisions. We fall short at giving them excitement, instead of what they really need.”

The executive branch is looking to collaborate with other student organizations for the well-being of the university.

Closing the office during campaign season was a key factor to let those who will succeed; gain awareness and rethink the possible outcomes of the association.

However, President Hill didn’t make the decision alone. It was constitutionally ethical for President Hill to close the office and it was mentioned amongst others of SGA, in a meeting; with an incomplete quorum, which the closing was ruled.

There are branches within the structure of SGA that are still operating. The senate has held two formal informative meetings since the closing. Student governance and civic engagement is the primary focus for SGA officials, not entertainment to hype the student body.

Closing the SGA office is geared around the university’s upcoming events. The Rebirth Administration is more of a back door ‘political driven’ administration; not an entertaining fellowship.

In regards to I love Morgan week, SGA doesn’t plan on taking that away. “We would never take that away, that’s one our biggest events, a reason why students keep coming back and even want to attend the university, we would never do that,” said Staton.

Now, the only question that lingers is, when exactly will the office open back up and activities resume. Although many students may have their own opinions about SGA, it is a huge part of campus life. Without this association running, campus life isn’t normal. Hopefully by the time the weather break SGA will be back to normal and so will campus life.