MSU Alert: School is NOT Cancelled

The MSU Spokesman

Snow blanketed the city--again
Snow blanketed the city–again

Morgan students struggled to make it to class on time due to snowy conditions today.

Last week students were out two days due to a blizzard that buried Baltimore in seven inches of snow. The area has seen 10 more inches of snow than average, for a total of 26.5 inches this winter.

“I hate the snow. I wish I wasn’t here right now,” said Morgan junior Brittany Butler.

Many Morgan students felt the same way. “I’m highly upset. I’m tired of this snow. Spring where art thou?” asked sophomore Brittany Williams.

“I do understand that we had a lot of delays and a lot of cancellations but I do think that safety is important,” said junior Jonathan Robertson who had a slippery walk to school. Pointing to the bridge near the communications building which was blanketed with snow, he complained, “It’s not only inconvenient but very unsafe for students.”

Some students have already decided to skip class. “It’s mad cold out there, you won’t catch me out there if they cancel class or not,” said freshman Gerald Hill.

However, faculty has a different perspective. “The seasons are like a metaphor for life,” said Dewayne Wickham, Dean of the School of Global Journalism and Communication. “The seasons change and you have to roll with the punches. If you can’t adapt in these situations, it’s going to be difficult for you to adapt in life.”