Student Government Shutdown

The MSU Spokesman

Plenty of students were confused and distraught when an Instagram post from our current Student Government President Alvin Hill stated, “Until the student leaders you elected this time last year take their positions seriously and not for personal gain, The Student Government Association(SGA) will be closed and shut down… There will be no Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Week or any more events/programs until further notice!”

Even current members of SGA were bewildered that a shutdown was taking place with no warning or discussions of any issues that may have been floating around the administration. Members and students alike took to Twitter to give their opinion of the situation, asking how does a student with a title have the power to shut down one of the largest organizations on campus? Would I Love Morgan Week be on hold as well?

The answer to that question is no. I Love Morgan Week, which is thought of as a Spring homecoming, is under the jurisdiction of the Umoja Council who are the ones that  plan and put on vast events for campus, such as the aforementioned and homecoming week.

All of this chaos is taking place during campaign season, one of the most exciting and competitive times of the year for students.