All Student Center Parties Canceled Until Further Notice

The MSU Spokesman

The Office of Student Affairs has suspended all student parties until further notice. The order came after the first Student Center party of the semester was shutdown after fights and underage alcohol consumption.

The last time a statement like that was made, “further notice” lasted for three years, but according to Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Kevin Banks the university doesn’t intend to suspend parties for more than a semester.

The party which was held on February 8, by the organization S.M.O.O.T.H (Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard work) seemed to be in control until a fight broke out involving students and members of the University football team.

Dr. Banks says S.M.O.O.T.H. will be facing consequences, which may include suspension of the organization.  Members of the organization who were involved in the alcohol violations face additional penalties.

The cancellation of Student Center parties isn’t only affecting S.M.O.O.T.H., but also the students who look forward to these parties and also the organizations who use these parties to fundraise.

“The students’ safety was the main problem and concern…we’re just looking for answers,” Dr. Banks explained, when asked about the decision to suspend all student center parties.

This evening, the Office of Student Affairs will be holding a “community conversation” regarding on campus parties. “I want to talk to the students and see how we can find a solution to the problem,” Dr. Banks said. This meeting is open to all members of the Morgan community and is an opportunity for student to voice their opinions and concerns.

The Office of Student Affairs, with the students, hopes to come up with an effective solution to assure that something of this nature doesn’t happen again.