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 Morganites on summer vacation: It was the Best of Times. It was the Worst of Times

Tramon Lucas

Name: Tramon Lucas

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Best Thing This Summer: I got to catch up on some sleep.

Worst Thing: Not being able to get a job due to lack of experience.








  • Joe Harris
  • Name: Joe Harris
  • Classification: Freshman
  • Hometown: Prince George County, MD
  • Best Thing This Summer: Coming to Morgan. I’m trying to get out of here in four years… instead of being the average person walking around not doing anything.
  • Worst Thing This Summer: Not having a job.





Tinaya Henson

Name: Tinaya Henson


Classification: Freshman


Hometown: NJ


Best Thing This Summer: Getting  all A’s and B’s in CASA (Center of Academic Success and Achievement).


Worst Thing This Summer: Going to CASA!






Maurice WilliamsName: Maurice Williams


Classification: Sophomore


Hometown: Prince George County, MD


Best Thing This Summer: I was able to get in the morning and get them coins–and I still had a job at school when I came back.


Worst Thing This Summer: My mom got sick and I had a family struggle, just struggle- but that’s just normal.