Freshman Survival Kit

The MSU Spokesman

For an incoming college student, it’s difficult to decipher everything deemed a necessity during freshman orientation and what you actually think you will need. We’re here to make things a little easier with these must have items.

flash driveFlash Drive  Avoid misplacing work or forgetting to save or send it to your email. A flash drive stores and backs up all of those important documents. You can find portable flash drives at Wal-Mart and Target for as cheap as $10.



syllabus 2Syllabus Don’t push these papers in the back of your notebook. It’s a sure way to make sure you are on top of all assignment due dates.  This will help you to plan ahead of time for each class assignment, which will result in a less stress over time management. There will be times where your professor will not remind you an assignment is due, because they expect you to already know from the syllabus.




ramen noodlesRamen Noodles  Every freshman will have ramen noodles at least once during their first year. Why? Because their ridiculously cheap and require little work. Add warm water and voilà, you have something to hold you over until your next real meal.




electric kttle
Electric Kettle  You’re not allowed to have open-heat surfaces in dorms, so a hot pot is a nifty way to get some of the warm foods and drinks you want. A kettle will come in handy for tea, instant coffee, ramen noodles and so much more.






Tide to Go Pen  You’re dressed ready to go and suddenly notice that you’ve spilled some OJ on your shirt. Avoid the half hour wardrobe change that’ll probably result in you being late to class and ex out that stain!



bear card

Bear Card Administration has probably lectured to death the importance of always having it on you, but this student ID card really is a bear’s necessity. You will need it to check into you’re dorm building, eat lunch, checking out books in the library and school events.