Living the dream, sweet sixteen

The MSU Spokesman

Some students strive to break records starting college. They long to be the spotlight and topic of everyone’s conversation and will surpass extraordinary measures to achieve this goal, whether it is being ahead in every class, the most valuable player on every team or the president of every club. Then there are some students who enter into college completely humbled with one goal in mind; becoming successful while keeping their character. Mr. ISA also known as Henry Chidera Obiefule is a 17 year old sophomore majoring in Business. Obiefule began his academic career at Morgan when he was sixteen years old. Coming straight from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, he reached the States to get a better education. He felt that Morgan was the best fit for him to pursue his education because it is a HBCU. After four challenging semesters, he piled on credit after credit to get where he is today, having the privilege of calling himself a sophomore at such a remarkably young age. It is careless to say that he has never encountered any hardships along his journey. Obiefule has faced several difficulties, including leaving his family behind in a completely different continent to get an education, being on his own without the presence of his parents and being misunderstood by others because of his strong accent. “By the grace of God,” Obiefule says that he has been able to accomplish these things. He began to spread himself out on campus to get more involved in school activities, as well as being an African Comedian and a host for several events. His reasons for winning the title Mr. ISA comes from his personality, loving spirit and personal motivation. Obiefule says he didn’t come to America to forget his roots, but rather he embraces it here at Morgan. He aspires to open up a business firm back in Nigeria and be an example for younger kids at home. Obiefule is the prime success story of what is possible when you remain true to your roots, morals and yourself.