Morgan Students Visit Egypt on the Potomac

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Mr. Browder gives students insight on how Egypt was considered when Washington, DC was built.
Mr. Browder gives students insight on how Egypt was considered when Washington, DC was built.

[Liveblog] This fun trip has come to end. Now we must process all that we have learned and pass it on. Thank you for this life changing learning experience Mr. Browder.

[Liveblog] The convo on this bus is getting hot! Whoo!

Most recent topic: Why doesn’t Morgan State compare to Towson University?
Team Towson
* Why do we have to feel so unsafe on campus?
Team Morgan
* Why would people walk out at 3am with a pocket full of money, their beats and I phones on them in am open campus?

Team Towson
*There’s not a lot of empowering activities to do there

Team Morgan
*Well there’s NCNW, E.A.G.E.R, and a lot of other ones!
You can’t just stay inside and pout.

Team Towson
*But why do I have to search and look so hard to actually find these groups, we should have this with easy access because they are getting our money.

Team Morgan
*Girl you better speak up for what you want at Morgan if you want to be heard, or else you get left in the crowd.

Whose the winner of this debate?

Food…. Was…So…. Good.
Time to head back to good ol’ Morgan State 🙂
I am definitely going to take this trip again with my young brother and mother! I feel like its my duty to spread the word now! I refuse to keep this to myself.
Mr. Browder explained that he goes to Egypt and helps excavate the tomb of Karakhamun, an Egyptian king. The team that he works with is the only Black excavation team to uncover a tomb. He also takes people to Egypt to explore and learn more about what we have learned today but in more detail. Although the price is steep for a college student, I intend to go one day in my life. That’s a promise. There is picture of a flyer attached with more info.

Laptops, coffee, sandwiches, glasses, tattoo’s, art
Clink clacks of spoons and forks
Low murmurs of orders and opinions
Scuffles of rubber soled shoes fading from the front of the room to the back
The fugues play in the background and the ears that cradle minds. Sitting in an ignorant bliss of the power that has now been laid upon the mind today, nod.
Power, knowledge, open eye and minds.
Bus Boy and Poets at the Potomac

[Liveblog] I can’t believe that this day is almost over. So much information was learned and we only scratched the surface! We have learned about the folklores such as Asar and Aset, the two brothers that created the story we all know as the conception and birth of Jesus , the Washington Monument being a replica of the Teckin which is used in Egypt as the representation of the phallus or penis, energy from God to earth and even a sun dial and even about the sphinx in front of the Freemasonry.

Oh, what fun it was to pick the brain of such a knowledgeable Black man!

Well, time for lunch! Headed to Bus Boys and Poets.

IMG00147-20130423-1302.jpg[Liveblog] For those who don’t know, Thurgood Marshall was raised in Baltimore and was one of the first African Americans to hold a seat in the U.S Supreme Court. He also worked on the Brown vs. Board of Education case, a reason why schools are segregated today.

Back to the YMCA, this place is amazing. It functions as a museum and a business office now. The building was once used as an all boys school on the 4th floor. NAACP has the basement now where they give financial literacy programs.

[Liveblog] We currently at the first African American YMCA Founded by Thurgood Marshall in 1908.

[Liveblog] Now we are in front of the water pier, the D.C. Wharf. Many may know this place to be full of fresh seafood, boat rides and parks, but during the times of slavery the Wharf’s dock was once filled with ships that carried thousands of slaves to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. I am sure many didn’t know that there were two of the biggest selling blocks in Maryland on Independence Street, one on 5th and the other on 6th. Men, women and children were shackled there until their lives were traded for the momentary pleasure of money. Now next time you roll past the Wharf, or remember your last trip there, imagine those Yates as slave ships, that seafood Wharf as a selling block and your fun into your ancestors misery.

[Liveblog] Just left Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. An incredible piece of land that incorporates many folklores of ancient Egypt.

IMG00126-20130423-1021.jpg[Liveblog]. Here at Meridian Hill park also known as Malcolm X park we viewed many symbols used in ancient Egyptian societies. A treasure many in the group never knew existed. We also just took a pop quiz! With the grade prize of getting back onto the bus and out of the cold.

[Liveblog]. “Washington D.C is the capital of secrets. What better way to hide a secret than in plain site, coded in a way where so that the original creators can’t decipher it.” “This trip is a re-introduction to your self.” -Anthony Browder (Our tour guide)

Browder  has been doing this trip since 1987. He was inspired  to begin this trip after his first visit to Egypt. While there Browder, being a architecture /design  major while attending Howard University,  began to notice that many structures reminded him of Washington D.C. He then  began to learn of the many designs that were taken from Egypt and brought to America in an attempt to recreate architectural,spiritual and symbolic culture that thrived along the Nile. This was information that he felt should be taught to fellow African American students to know. Leading to what Browder continues to do today, educate those who are blind so that they may see their history.

IMG00124-20130423-0852.jpg[Liveblog] We are on our way to D.C in high spirits! Thanks to Kinayah from Dr. Kopano’s class for a word of prayer for a safe arrival!

Today starts an adventure for the classes of two Morgan State professors. Dr. Jared Ball’s Speech and Language class and Communication in the Black Diaspora taught by Professor Baruti Kopano. The trip we are embarking on is called “Egypt on the Potomac”, which will take place in Wahington D.C. There we will explore the influence of the African people on the structures of American society, as well as monuments scattered around D.C. after touring several places we will then head over to the infamous Bus Boys and Poets for reflection, good food and of course poetry. Stay tuned as we live blog about our experiences.