The Spokesman

Fatal stabbing at Morgan View

Tramon Lucas

February 2, 2016

A Morgan State student was stabbed on the sidewalk outside building 1530 in Morgan View, Monday night, and later died of his injuries. The identity of the victim Gerald Williams, 20, of Bowie, was confirmed Tuesday by Morgan...

Morgan Community Reacts to Recent Stabbings

The MSU Spokesman

March 18, 2015

Three Morgan State University football players were stabbed outside of Rawlings Dining Hall on Tuesday around 2 p.m. This is the third violent incident that has happened on Morgan’s campus in 5 days. Two of the victims were...

Universities Face Fire for Campus Sexual Assault Cases

The MSU Spokesman

November 30, 2014

As media coverage of sexual assault and date rape intensifies, colleges and universities are coming under increased criticism for their handling of cases on campuses. In March, a Morgan State student reported being raped in o...

Security Update: A Conversation with Adrian Wiggins

The MSU Spokesman

October 25, 2013

Adrian Wiggins walks fiercely into the room, as if prepared for a showdown.  He knows why he’s here. The young journalists and Morgan students closely watch Wiggins, the executive director of the Office of Campus and Public...

Students Cry Wolf, Security Chief Says

The MSU Spokesman

October 25, 2013

Adrian Wiggins, executive director of  the Office of Campus and Public Safety, recounted a recent incident where a student made up a story about having been robbed -- and said that such incidents are not uncommon among the many...

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