SGA Updates Students at Town Hall

Akira Kyles

Morgan State University’s President Davis Wilson announced future campus developments at the Student Government Association (SGA) Town Hall Wednesday evening.

“The Calvin E. and Tina Tyler Student Services Building received $45 million to its development,” said Wilson. “Within the next year, we plan to close down Thurgood and make a new fully developed Thurgood.”

Wilson also announced that the future of Northwood Plaza shopping center will be known by April 15 Wilson was very optimistic, a developer has soft commitments from Panera Bread, Chipotle, Panda Express.

“We are working on the second phase of a supermarket, tear down the McDonald’s and build it new. We are also looking to move the bookstore from the Student Center to Northwood and have a Starbucks café within the bookstore,” said Wilson

SGA President Marcus Bennet and SGA Vice-President Joy Barnes took this time to update students on the accomplishments made this past year.

Some accomplishments include having a black business directory for students who provide services on campus, having a food pantry, located in the Alumni House, ZipCars for students and the library being open 24 hours from Sunday to Tuesday.

Along with future endeavors they’re pushing for like a campus rideshare, department newsletters, additional emergency lights, more community partnerships, more BearCard Machines, all campus computer software such as Windows and Macs to be in the library and working printers within the Martin D. Jenkins Behavior Social Science Center.

Bennet and Barnes also announced a bid for new food provider for Morgan State dining and food options to be on the north of campus.

Thursday morning, after the event, Wilson released an email to address students’ concerns of smoking still occurring on Morgan’s smoke free campus.

“Please know that smoking on campus, and the use of any tobacco product, is a violation of university policy and individuals who violate the policy are subject to discipline,” said Wilson in his email.