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Spokesman Editorial: Metal detectors in dorms – An idea that needs rethinking

Akira Kyles

April 15, 2018

In the heart of an urban community plagued with violence, murder and death, there is Morgan State University. More times than we would like, we have covered the times when the invisible wall of safety has been crossed by the violence...

Morgan Invites Kendrick Lamar to Campus

Akira Kyles

March 5, 2018

Kendrick Lamar is one of the top artists in the rap industry today, something Morgan State University President David Wilson was aware of when he proposed inviting him to speak on campus. Wilson and SGA decided to use a rap...

SGA Updates Students at Town Hall

Akira Kyles

March 1, 2018

Morgan State University’s President Davis Wilson announced future campus developments at the Student Government Association (SGA) Town Hall Wednesday evening. “The Calvin E. and Tina Tyler Student Services Building received...

Victor McCrary resigns as Morgan’s vice president for research and economic development

Dominique Hunter

February 28, 2018

Morgan State University’s vice president for research and economic development resigns from his position. Within five years, Victor McCrary has done a lot to establish Morgan as a research facility and help bring in the big...

Board of Regents Extends President Wilson’s Contract

Akira Kyles

February 7, 2018

Morgan State University’s (MSU) Board of Regents offered a new five-year contract to university president David Wilson, extending his term until 2023. The Board offered a unanimous decision and gave an official announcement...

NCAA Places Sanctions on Morgan State’s Athletic Department

Akira Kyles

December 20, 2017

The Morgan State University athletics program was rocked Tuesday by NCAA sanctions that will bar the university’s football, softball and women’s tennis programs from postseason play for a year and place the entire athletic...

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