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SGA Updates Students at Town Hall

Akira Kyles

March 1, 2018

Morgan State University’s President Davis Wilson announced future campus developments at the Student Government Association (SGA) Town Hall Wednesday evening. “The Calvin E. and Tina Tyler Student Services Building received...

Morganites Offer Their Praise and Concerns Towards Morgan

Akira Kyles

February 13, 2018

“What do you love about Morgan State University? What don’t you love?” These were the questions presented to a packed room of students by the sophomore class senators in an event called “The Reflection.” The goal...

Dodge Ram Commercial Receives Backlash After Using MLK Speech

Akira Kyles

February 13, 2018

For many African-Americans, Martin Luther King Jr. is seen as a sacred figure, especially during Black History Month, but recently a truck commercial used that figure, sending many into an uproar. On Super Bowl Sunday, Dodge...

Morgan State Athletics Hold High Hopes in Recruiting

Akira Kyles

February 8, 2018

It’s a new day for the Morgan State University Bears, as they hope the recruiting class announcments will provide an immediate impact for the team’s offense and defense. “Next bear in,” said Ernest Jones, interim head...

Board of Regents Extends President Wilson’s Contract

Akira Kyles

February 7, 2018

Morgan State University’s (MSU) Board of Regents offered a new five-year contract to university president David Wilson, extending his term until 2023. The Board offered a unanimous decision and gave an official announcement...

Morgan State Updates University Title IX Policy

Dominique Hunter, Campus News Editor

January 24, 2018

The Office of Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity at Morgan State University has improved their gender and sexual-based harassment and violence policy in reflection of the recent misconduct issues arising across the country. The...

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