Justice League Review

The MSU Spokesman

The Justice League movie lived up to its long await and this motion picture swooped down and saved the day for the DC universe.

Justice League is the latest motion picture from DC Extended Universe (DCEU) scheduled to release worldwide Friday, Nov. 17 by director Zack Synder.

This movie granted fans with a sigh of relief, after DC’s last film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice where fans had to sit through long, over drawn-out talkative scenes just to watch a 30 minute climax ending.

JL hits the audience with action packed, amazing visuals, and laughable dialogue from beginning to end. A strong plot they keeps the audience glued to the screen.

The movie also introduced more famous DC characters such as, Aquaman a.k.a Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg a.k.a Victor Stone (Ray Fisher).

Synder highlighted every super hero’s abilities and their roles perfectly.  Heroes in this film didn’t step outside their abilities, like Batman actually winning a fight against Superman, while Superman is at full strength.  

While JL is full of heroes that we love to cheer for, the villain didn’t disappoint either. The heroes’ first challenge as a team was against a formidable foe. In some sences I caught myself rooting for the villain. The villain pushed the new assembled team to their limits in this film; the heroes needed all their abilities and then some to take down this foe.

Finally DC got it right, they now has a movie that can stand up to their competition from Marvel. If you follow both movie production groups, JL is in the same conversation as Captain America: Winter Solider

So if you are free for the holidays this is an excellent family film for everybody.