Details on the event ‘Black Liberation: Life, Death, and Queer Resistance’


The MSU Spokesman

Anika Simpson, co-chair of LGBTQA advisory council and coordinator of the women and gender studies program, has high hopes for students who attend the upcoming project titled “Black Liberation: Life, Death, and Queer Resistance.” The event will not only bring awareness to the struggles blacks have experienced in the African-American community, but it will also aim to help students get involved in black liberation.

“I hope students leave this event with [a] project to help black liberation… the symposium’s timeliness given the political climate we’re in, explains why this is critical and expresses the urgency to become aware,” said Simpson.

The Black Liberation event is the University’s fourth biennial symposium, which will focus on exploring movements of freedom within the African-American community through a black queer feminist perspective. Guests will learn the historical significance about black movements against discrimination, systematic injustices and daily struggles the LGBTQA community encounter.

Additionally, the discussion will offer the political standpoint of race, gender identity and sexuality in a dominant heterosexual society and its resistance to the LGBTQA community. Through the black queer lens, activists plan to present the theories of social changes that are commonly ignored in society.

The Women’s and Gender Studies program and the LGBTQA Advisory Council at Morgan will sponsor the event to broaden the campus inclusive approach for individuals of LGBTQA.

“Morgan State is a campus rich in civil rights and activism. It is important for this historically black university to host this event and continue leadership in being an inclusive and diverse campus,” said Simpson.

Along with chosen activists for the symposium, the Black Youth Project 100 of Washington, D.C. (BYP100 DC), will have a teaching session about black movement techniques for registered students for the event. This activist member-based organization of black people from ages 18-34 dedicates itself to creating justice and freedom for all African-Americans.

During the interactive session, activists plan to specifically target strategies to oppress the dehumanization and use of capitalism of black LGBTQA individuals. The district chapter will use their voices to raise awareness is a student-led movement.

The symposium is open to the public, Sept. 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the University Student Center.

While students and faculty are encouraged to participate. The general admission price is $20, graduate students fee is $15, and undergraduate student fee is $5. Guests must register through

For further inquiries about the “Black Liberation: Life, Death and Queer Resistance” event contact [email protected].