Morgan students serve community through weekend tutoring

Benjamin McKnight

The Morgan State University Tutoring Corps officially opened its doors for this semester two weekends ago, giving parents and guardians the chance to register their children for tutoring services at the university.

Run by the Office of Community Services, the program allows Baltimore City and County residents in kindergarten through fifth grade to expand on their math, reading, homework and study skills. The Tutoring Corps operates on weekend mid-days and afternoons of the fall and spring semesters in the Montebello building.

“The program has been around for 10 years; we revamped the whole program this year,” said Director and Coordinator of the Tutoring Corps, Ken Roberts.

The historically free program now charges parents and guardians $100 per child to receive eight two-hour sessions on Saturday and/or Sunday throughout the semester.

Tutoring positions are exclusive to Morgan students who are in charge of assisting children in the aforementioned skill sets while acquiring a stipend and internship credit.

Psychology, Social Work and Education majors who have experience with kids make up the Tutoring Corps. This program “puts experience and money in their pockets,” Roberts said.

“I’ve always wanted to work with kids,” said sophomore and elementary education major Marissa Clifford, one of the tutors. “It’s more hands on with elementary school kids.”

The beginning of the program is spent assessing the child’s specific educational needs and tailoring their tutoring experience per those findings.

Tutoring for the fall semester will end Sunday, December 4th.

Parents and guardians can complete the online application for the MSU Tutoring Corps at