PSYCHED About Psychology:

The MSU Spokesman

Psychology Club at the Organization Fair(Left to Right): Stacey Stanley (PR Manager), John Thompson, III (President), Jenaé Bryant (Vice President)

The psychological society is an organization based out the academic major Psychology. The primary focus of this organization is the development of psychology majors while bringing other majors together to get involved on campus as well.

“We are trying to do everything!” said Thompson. Their platform for this school year is to be the best organization overall, some initiatives they have put in place are Psych Mentors, which is a mentoring program with children from local elementary schools, cleaning up the community that surrounds the university, having group outings to build bonds with each member of the organization, and starting scholarships from the psychology department to offer students in every major.

Thompson says that members are trying to make everyone aware of the Psychological Society’s existence because sometimes organizations get looked over.

Joining the Psychological Society gives students a chance to meet people not only in their major, but from all majors offered here at Morgan State University. Thompson wants this organization to be a resource whether it is help with homework, needing a textbook, or even tutoring. He wants this organization to help students develop into better well rounded people. “We are trying to get students from being “just students” to being community leaders” says Thompson. He believes every member has something they can bring to the organization as well as the university.

“It’s not just about campaigning to be ‘Organization of the Year’, I’m trying to instill in members that we are the ‘Organization of the Year’ it is just a matter of realizing their own potential and maximizing it.” says Thompson.

Thompson hopes this year will be successful in exuding the organizations new slogan “Growing the future, Leading the world one mind at a time.”