Army strong with southern charm: Mr. Senior, Joseph Harrison

The MSU Spokesman

After completing high school, enlisting in the Air Force and working for the government,   Harrison, 30, went through tough life experiences and prevailed through adversity. He managed to become a scholar, a leader and a family man all before his upcoming college graduation in 2013.

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas was no easy journey for graduating senior, Joseph Harrison. Although he was born in Seattle, he spent most of his life in the Lone Star State, growing up in a house with his parents and three siblings.

In high school, Harrison says he was an honor student excelling in sports and academics, even without pressure from his parents to continue his education. Upon graduation, it was not his first choice to go straight to college; Harrison says he was “burnt out.”  After graduating, Harrison enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 2000 and was deployed overseas five times over the following eight years. During his time in the Air Force, he had taken jobs that most people could not bear. He worked in Dover, Delaware in the Port Mortuary processing the bodies of fallen soldiers for six months. Harrison then moved on to work in the District of Columbia at the Federal Aviation Administration. After his time in the Air Force, Mr. Senior decided to return to school and earn his degree in Physical Education. He was inspired to attend Morgan State University by his wife of two and a half years, who is a Morgan Alum, and mother to his 3 year old son. Focused solely on his education, he transferred his college credits earned while in the Air Force and enrolled in the spring of 2010. By fall 2010, he became an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., and served as chapter president during 2011-12. He now serves as the “Keeper of Finance.” With just a few months before the end of his journey at Morgan, he decided to leave his legacy by adding his name to the list of Morgan’s royalty. Harrison is now Mr. Senior for the 2012-2013.

Running unopposed, Harrison claims his motive for running for Mr. Senior was not as significant as others. “I just figured I try something different. They were doing interviews and I just went,” said Harrison. He acknowledged himself as a people’s person and did not have any troubles talking his way to the royal sash. His role in the royal court added to his image making him an effective student leader.

Mr. Senior does not come from a rich background, but aspires to make up for what he did not have growing up. He has not worked since starting school and plans to start his own corporate business some time after graduation.