Morgan President David Wilson receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

In a statement on Instagram, Wilson encourages the Morgan community to get vaccinated.


Courtesy of Instagram

Wilson receives first dosage of COVID-19 vaccine at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Jordan D. Brown, Features Editor

Morgan State University President David Wilson shared on his social media accounts that he received his first coronavirus vaccination at Good Samaritan Hospital.

“I never felt so overjoyed to get a shot,” Wilson wrote on Instagram. “When your time comes, please don’t hesitate. Our goal is to reopen the National Treasure this summer.”

Last Wednesday, Wilson announced the university plans to fully reopen this summer depending on the state of the country in terms of the pandemic and the percentage of people who have been vaccinated by June. Wilson  spoke to the The Spokesman in January about his plans on taking the COVID-19 vaccine and building trust in the Morgan community.

“I also understand my role as president at Morgan which is to show based on my own taking of the vaccine, that I believe it. I have done as much research as I can do, I trust the science—I trust the scientist. I plan to take the vaccine at the first opportunity that I can get to do that,” Wilson said.

Wilson plans on taking his second dosage of the vaccination on March 9 and encourages members of the Morgan community to take the vaccine as soon as they can.

“In order for us to have an opportunity to return to any sense of normalcy, the COVID-19 vaccine will need to be a part of the equation,” he said. “As the president of this institution and someone who believes in and trusts science, I felt it was imperative for me to lead by example. In being public about my own embrace of receiving the vaccine, I want to encourage others to do the same and help dissuade any potential apprehension to getting the vaccine.”