With a strong offensive line, the Bears score first win of the season


Wyman Jones

Morgan State University’s Hughes Football Stadium.

Rushaad Hayward, Staff Writer

Senior running back Joshua Chase finished Morgan’s 2019 homecoming game against the Delaware Hornets with 116 rushing yards on 19 carries.

The Washington, D.C. native’s two touchdowns helped beat the Hornets 34-3—Morgan’s first win of the season.  

“We’ve been waiting for that one and it meant a lot to us,” Chase said, “especially for those seniors.” 

Chase was familiar with the Hornets as the Bears fell to the same team, 9-0. Although his rushing total did not top last year’s, his offense has improved.

Tyrone Wheatley, Morgan’s newly appointed head coach, praised Chase for his performance and gave credit to his offensive line.

“[Chase] doubled his film study and came in and practiced as hard as he could,” Wheatley said. “He’s going to hit the holes he’s supposed to hit and make the yards he’s supposed to make.”

With the Bears offensive line’s ability to score points and their defensive line to create stops and turnovers, the team played with a “bend, but not break” mentality. This consequently drove the Hornets into the red zone pointless.

“You can’t just play offense and defense, you have to bring the special teams in,” Wheatley said. 

The Bears defensively smothered the Hornets’ offense line. With a stingy secondary and an aggressive pass rush, they could not sustain their own drives.

With the team’s first win of the season, Wheatley’s focus has already shifted to Morgan’s next game against the South Carolina State Bulldogs (3-2).

“I’m happy, but just to be happy with one win doesn’t do it for me,” Wheatly said.

With a 1-5 season record, Morgan will take the road to face the Bulldogs on Oct. 19.