Morgan State University increases visibility through athletic partnerships

Morgan established their presence during the Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles games.

Oyin Adedoyin, Staff Writer

Morgan State University partnered with the Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles this year to broaden university visibility and enhance the student experience.

This is not the first time that Morgan has partnered with the Ravens but, this year, the partnership is stronger than it was last year according to Morgan State University president, David Wilson, who announced the partnership with the Ravens on Twitter in September accompanied by a photo of the Morgan State University Banner directly below the scoreboard.

“This year we get an opportunity to actually sponsor one game, that was the Denver game,” said Wilson. “We get maybe one allotment per season.”

While only members of the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Royal Court were present during the Broncos vs. Ravens game on Sept. 23, free tickets will be available for chosen students for a future game.

“It was my first NFL football game, so it was really cool seeing a real pro game,” said SGA president, Kenold Pierre.

“[Morgan State] is given 30 seats to a game…so we give them to the SGA and the SGA distributes them to the students as a means of getting the students to have these kinds of experiences,” Wilson said. “The same thing is true with the Orioles as well.”

“We [SGA] get an email just asking for requests for students that are interested, members of the SGA were asked if they wanted to go and they went,” said Pierre. “Anytime I get an opportunity I try to branch out from just SGA members…and diversify it.”

Both Wilson and Pierre are optimistic that partnerships with Maryland sports teams have had a positive effect on the university.

“I think [the partnerships] help enhance [Morgan State] because we are a preeminent research institution I think it will help us a lot by getting outside of the community and taking us from just Morgan to the state and the future,” said Pierre.

Wilson is sure that these efforts will increase community interest in Morgan State.

“When individuals who don’t have a clear understanding of who we are, they will begin to see the university’s name over and over again they then go on the website and google Morgan State.”