The celebration of Latino/Hispanic heritage month began with an educational seminar

Diamond Durant, Campus News Editor

The Department of World Languages & International Studies and the Latino, Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program invited Maria Ulrickson, lecturer in the Department of History at Morgan State University, to hold an intimate conversation with students for Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month Monday evening.

The discussion was centered around theslave rights and freedom before emancipation in Latin America. The event is connected to a series, all in celebration of Latino/Hispanic heritage, that include film showings and panels.

“I am thrilled that I could be part of the programs put together by Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Studies,” said Ulrickson.

“We decided to feature the material that I covered today on freedom for enslaved people in Latin America because it answers many questions that buzz around Morgan’s campus. Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies can reveal connections that we didn’t know we had,” Ulrickson added.

Students were able to draw lines between slavery in the United States and slave methods in other Latin American and Caribbean  took shape in other countries.

Without discussions like these, we can’t understand and relate to one another’s culture.

— Jose Dominguez

“Talks like this are eye-opening and important,” said Jose Dominguez, graduate student in the School of Behavioral Science. “Without discussions like these, we can’t understand and relate to one another’s culture.”

The remaining events for the Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration are set to pan out for the rest of the week in the Earl S. Richardson Library, Quarles Room.